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  • Base on Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Australian history
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    1. Who must wear a seat-belt when travelling in a car?
  • The driver
  • Everybody
  • Babies and young children
  • 2. Which of these is not the a role of the Governor-General?
  • Interpret and apply the law
  • Performing ceremonial duties
  • Approving the appointment of the Australian Government and its ministers, federal judges and other officials
  • 3. What is the total of representatives in the Senate?
  • 66
  • 76
  • 86
  • 4. What is Australia's government parliamentary democracy?
  • It is the power of the government comes from the Australian representatives
  • It is the power of the government comes from the Australian Prime Minister
  • It is the power of the government comes from the Australian people
  • 5. Australians also have supports through government social security in times of need.
  • True
  • False
  • 6. What are the colours of the Torres Strait Islander Flag?
  • Green, blue, red and white
  • Green, blue, yellow and white
  • Green, blue, black and white
  • 7. What do you get when voting?
  • Have your name check and mark as voted
  • Have your say in who represents you in parliament
  • Nothing
  • 8. What happens after a proposal of a new law or a change to the law?
  • The proposal is pass to the Governor-General for approval
  • The House of Representatives and the Senate signs and agree with the proposal
  • The House of Representatives and the Senate consider, debate and vote on whether they agree with the proposal
  • 9. What is our common bond?
  • The institutions
  • Citizenship
  • The laws
  • 10. How can you raise matters that concern you in Australian politic?
  • You can make an appointment with your local member of parliament or you can write a letter outlining your views
  • You can attend the Prime Minister meeting to discuss matters that concern you
  • You can attend the Australian Parliament to discuss matters that concern you
  • 11. Which of these statements about equality of men and women is incorrect?
  • Both men and women have the right to make their own independent choices about personal matters
  • Both men and women have equal access to education and employment
  • Both men and women can join the police but only men can join the Australian Defence Force
  • 12. Who represents the Queen in each of the states of Australia?
  • The Premier
  • The Councillor
  • The Governor
  • 13. How many official flags does Australia have?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 14. Who has the power to make and change the laws?
  • Government ministers
  • Governor-General
  • The Parliament
  • 15. What is the name for the Australian government?
  • Federal Government
  • Commonwealth Government
  • Federal Government or Commonwealth Government
  • 16. Which of these statements about the Australian Electoral Commission is correct?
  • It conducts federal elections and referendums
  • It maintains the Commonwealth electoral roll
  • All the above
  • 17. What is the role of the senate?
  • To be responsible for an area of govenment
  • To consider, debate and vote on new or changes to the laws
  • To sign all Bills passed by the Australian Parliament into law
  • 18. What is each minister responsibly?
  • Responsible for one government department
  • Responsible for many government departments
  • Responsible for one or more government departments
  • 19. Is it a crime to bribe a police officer?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • 20. Which of these statements about passports is correct?
  • Australian citizens can apply for an Australian passport
  • Permanent residents can hold an Australian passport
  • Australian citizens need a passport and visa to return to Australia

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