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  • Base on Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond
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  • Australian history
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    1. How is the representative Queen of Australia chosen in a territory?
  • By Voting
  • Appointed by the Governor-General
  • Appointed by the Prime Minister
  • 2. The government in Australia is secular and there is an official national religion.
  • True
  • False
  • 3. Which of these is not an example of equality in Australia?
  • Everyone deserves a 'fair go'
  • Men and women have the same rights
  • Everyone belongs to the same political party
  • 4. What is freedom of speech allows?
  • It allows people to say and discuss their ideas with others
  • It allows people to write what they think
  • All the above
  • 5. Who has the power to interpret and apply the law?
  • The Prime Minister
  • The Governor-General
  • Judges
  • 6. Which of these statements about migration in the first half of the 20th century is incorrect?
  • Migration levels rose and fell
  • There were programs to actively encourage British migrants to settle here
  • The population more than doubled
  • 7. Are people freely and safely to vote for any candidate?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 8. Do children born overseas of parent Australian citizen have any Australian rights?
  • The have the same rights and responsibilities as children born in that country only
  • They do not have the same rights and responsibilities as children born in Australia because they are born overseas can not be register as Australian citizens
  • They have the same rights and responsibilities as children born in Australia when they register as Australian citizens by descent
  • 9. What is the capital city of Queensland?
  • Brisbane
  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • 10. Who was the commander of the First Fleet?
  • Captain James Cook
  • Captain James Stirling
  • Captain Arthur Phillip
  • 11. When does the Bill become a law?
  • When the Prime Minister signs it
  • When the Governor-General signs it
  • When the majority of members in each House of Parliament agrees to the Bill
  • 12. Where do Indigenous people's expressed their deep connections with the land?
  • In their songs and dances
  • In their art and stories
  • All of the above
  • 13. What does the blue panel in the Torres Strait Islander Flag represent?
  • The sea
  • The land
  • The people
  • 14. Who is encourage cooperation between the levels of government?
  • The Australian Governor
  • The Australian Governor-General
  • The Council of Australian Government
  • 15. What will a court use in some cases to decide if a person has broken the law?
  • A jury
  • A police
  • No one
  • 16. What are the names of the Australian Parliament Houses?
  • The House of Representatives and the People
  • The House of Representatives and the Governor
  • The House of Representatives and the Senate
  • 17. When were the colonies united into a federation of states?
  • 1 January 1901
  • 26 January 1910
  • 4 July 1901
  • 18. What is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900?
  • The legal document that allows the Governor-General to governing the new nation of Australia
  • The legal document that allows the Prime Minister to governing the new nation of Australia
  • The legal document that sets out the basic rules for the government of Australia
  • 19. What do members of the House of Representatives discuss?
  • Matters of national importance
  • Matters of community planning
  • Matters of education planning
  • 20. Which of these statements about Australian police is incorrect?
  • The police decide if a person is guilty or not
  • The police may give evidence in court
  • The police is independent of the government

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