Australian Citizenship Test by Goobid

Government and the law in Australia
Chapter III Practice Test

1. Can you own a gun?
  • Yes if you have a firearm licence from the police
  • No
  • All the above
  • 2. How are the states and the Northern Territory divided?
  • Into local government areas
  • Into local public areas
  • Into local private areas
  • 3. What was Australia system of government before 1901?
  • Australia colonies were directly governed by the British government
  • Australia was made up of six separate, self-governing British colonies
  • The colonies were united into a federation of states called the Commonwealth of Australia
  • 4. Is it a crime to bribe a police officer?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • 5. What is not important work of the House of Representatives?
  • Apply and interpret the laws of Australia
  • Considering, debating and voting on proposals for new laws or changes to the laws
  • Discussing matters of national importance
  • 6. Which of these statements about people wanted to unite the colonies in Australia is incorrect?
  • Trade and transport between the colonies was expensive and slow
  • Enforcing the law across borders was difficult
  • Form a nation independence from the British
  • 7. What is the name of the ministers important areas of government?
  • Portfolios
  • Cabinet
  • Royal Assent
  • 8. What is the name for the Australian government?
  • Federal Government
  • Commonwealth Government
  • Federal Government or Commonwealth Government
  • 9. Which of these statements about the House of Representatives is incorrect?
  • The house of Representatives is sometimes called the Upper House
  • The house of Representatives is sometimes called the People's House
  • The house of Representatives is sometimes called the Lower House
  • 10. What is the relationship between the police and the community?
  • That you can report crimes and seek assistance from your local police
  • You can report crimes to your local police
  • That the police can help with community works
  • 11. Which is not a political party in Australia?
  • The Republican Party
  • The Nationals
  • The Australian Greens
  • 12. Who is a Councillor?
  • A Member of Parliament in any state or territory
  • The leader of a territory government
  • An elected member of a local council
  • 13. What is the Commonwealth of Australia?
  • Six separate, self-governing British colonies
  • A British territory
  • An independent nation
  • 14. What do members of a political party do?
  • They work together to interpret and apply the laws
  • They work together to put the laws into practice
  • They work together to have the party's ideas turned into laws
  • 15. What do you get when voting?
  • Have your name check and mark as voted
  • Have your say in who represents you in parliament
  • Nothing
  • 16. Who may give evidence in a court?
  • A police
  • A jury
  • 17. Which level of government responsible for drains, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, sports grounds and local environmental issues?
  • Australian Government
  • Australian state and territory government
  • Australian local goverment
  • 18. What is the role of the jury
  • Listen to the evidence and decide who or what to believe
  • Interpret the law
  • Decide the penalty
  • 19. How the senators are chosen?
  • Appointed by the Queen's Representative
  • Appointed by the Prime Minister
  • Elected
  • 20. Who can tell the the judges and magistrates what to decide?
  • The Prime Minister
  • The Governor-General
  • No one

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