Australian Citizenship Test by Goobid

Government and the law in Australia
Chapter III Practice Test

1. How are local councillors chosen in each local government area?
  • Appointed by the Governor
  • Nominated by the Administrators
  • Voted by citizens
  • 2. What do you pledge at the citizenship ceremony?
  • To uphold and obey Australian Constitution
  • To uphold and obey Australia traffic rules
  • To uphold and obey Australia laws
  • 3. When was the new Parliament House in Canberra opened?
  • 1988
  • 1989
  • 1998
  • 4. What is a constitutional monarchy?
  • A king or queen is not the head of state
  • A king or queen is the head of state and has absolute power
  • A king or queen is the head of state but has to act in accordance with the constitution
  • 5. What matters do senators discuss?
  • Matters of community services
  • Matters of health services
  • Matters of national importance
  • 6. What does the Australian government Executive include?
  • The Prime Minister and the Governor-General
  • The Governor-General and the judges
  • The Government ministers and the Governor-General
  • 7. What is the name of the leader of a state government?
  • Chief Minister
  • Premier
  • Prime Minister
  • 8. What do members of a political party do?
  • They work together to interpret and apply the laws
  • They work together to put the laws into practice
  • They work together to have the party's ideas turned into laws
  • 9. Can you raise matters that concern you with your elected representative?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 10. Who make up the Cabinet in Australian Government?
  • All the members of Parliament
  • Ministers with the most senior portfolios
  • All the Governors and Administrators
  • 11. Who is a Councillor?
  • A Member of Parliament in any state or territory
  • The leader of a territory government
  • An elected member of a local council
  • 12. Who controls road and traffic rules?
  • Australian Government
  • State and territory governments
  • Local government
  • 13. Which of these statements about the Queen of Australia is correct?
  • In Australia, the Queen does not have a day-to-day role in government
  • The Queen appoints the Prime Minister as her representative in Australia
  • The leader of the Australian Government
  • 14. The Governor-General acts independently of all political parties
  • True
  • False
  • 15. Which is not a responsibility of the Australian Government?
  • Employment
  • Airports and air safety
  • Roads and road traffic control
  • 16. How do Australian state governments operate?
  • In a different way to the Australian Government
  • In a similar way to the Australian Government
  • In a similar way to a business
  • 17. Which is a responsibility of the state and territory government?
  • Police
  • Defence
  • Trade
  • 18. What do members of the House of Representatives discuss?
  • Matters of national importance
  • Matters of community planning
  • Matters of education planning
  • 19. What do you call the Australia's national police force?
  • The Australian Federal Police
  • The Commonwealth Police
  • The Australian Commonwealth Police
  • 20. What is the Cabinet in the Australian Government?
  • The Queen of Australia Representatives
  • The key decision making body of the Australian Government
  • The House of Representatives

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