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    1. Which of these statements about taxes is incorrect?
  • Many of the benefits that Australians enjoy are made possible through taxes
  • Taxes are not important to the Australian community
  • Taxes are spent on services which include health, education and others
  • 2. Which of these statements about Australian 'mateship' is incorrect?
  • To take a meal to an elderly neighbour
  • To visit someone who is lonely
  • To not drive a friend in need to go to a medical appointment
  • 3. What is the name when the colonies were united into a federation of states?
  • The Commonwealth of Australia
  • The United States of Australia
  • The Federation of Australia
  • 4. What is the name of the Australian leader?
  • Prime Minister
  • Governor-General
  • 5. What is the penalty for breaking traffic laws?
  • Your driver's licence can be suspended however you can get a new licence right away
  • You could be fined a large amounts of money and you will go to prison if you can't pay it
  • You could be fined a large amounts of money or even sent to prison
  • 6. What must Australian citizens do when they are in another country?
  • Obey the laws of that country
  • Register your staying with the Australian embassy
  • Obey the laws of Australia only
  • 7. Which bird is not native to Australia?
  • Kiwi
  • Lyrebird
  • Emu
  • 8. What sits above the shield in the Commonwealth Coat of Arms?
  • A Southern Cross Star
  • A golden wattle flower
  • A gold Commonwealth Star
  • 9. What is executive power in Australian government?
  • The power to make and change the laws
  • The power to put the laws into practice
  • The power to interpret and apply the law
  • 10. Which official symbol of Australia identifies Commonwealth property?
  • Australia's national flower
  • The national anthem
  • Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  • 11. Which of these statements about Australian freedoms is incorrect?
  • We are free to meet with people in public or private places for social or political discussion
  • We can criticise the government, peacefully protest against government decisions and campaign to change laws
  • We cannot have political discussion, criticise the government or protest against government decisions
  • 12. Why can't you harm your spouse and children?
  • Because you will have an unhappy family
  • Because they will leave you
  • Because violence towards another person is illegal in Australia and is a very serious crime
  • 13. What is Australia heritage religion?
  • Protestant
  • Catholic
  • Judaeo-Christian
  • 14. Which of these statements about Australian democratic society is incorrect?
  • Australians are all free to follow and share their beliefs and traditions as long as they do not break Australian laws
  • Australians should treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of their differences
  • Australians are all free to follow and share their beliefs and traditions even they do break Australian laws
  • 15. Who is the leader in the Australian government system?
  • The Queen of Australia
  • The Governor-General
  • The Prime Minister
  • 16. Can you raise matters that concern you with your elected representative?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 17. Who make up the Cabinet in Australian Government?
  • All the members of Parliament
  • Ministers with the most senior portfolios
  • All the Governors and Administrators
  • 18. Where was gold discovered in 1851?
  • In the colonies of New South Wales and Queensland
  • In the colonies of New South Wales and Victoria
  • In the colonies of New South Wales and South Australia
  • 19. What is a Bill in Australian politics?
  • A proposal for a new currency in Australia
  • A proposal for a new law or a change to the law
  • A written or printed public notice
  • 20. How can Australian citizens have their say in how the country is governed?
  • By going to council meeting
  • By protesting
  • By voting

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