Australian Citizenship Test by Goobid

Australia's democratic beliefs, rights and liberties
Chapter II Practice Test - FREE

1. Can Australian citizens have children born overseas?
  • Yes, they can have children born overseas
  • No, they can not have children born overseas
  • No, they can only have children born in Australia
  • 2. What is an important part of being Australian?
  • Respecting other people's differences and being yourself
  • Respecting indigenous people's differences and choices
  • Respecting other people's differences and choices
  • 3. Who collects tax in Australia?
  • The Australian Revenue Office
  • The Australian Taxation Commission
  • The Australian Taxation Office
  • 4. Why Australia government encourage people to participate in society?
  • To have a position later in Australia Public Service
  • To increase your sense of belonging to the Australia community, share knowledge and learn new skills
  • To have something to do while you find work
  • 5. Australian citizens do not vote regularly in federal and state or territory elections, and occasionally in a referendum.
  • True
  • False
  • 6. We do not have to respect other people's freedom of speech or freedom of expression when their views are different.
  • True
  • False
  • 7. What must Australian citizens do when they are in another country?
  • Obey the laws of that country
  • Register your staying with the Australian embassy
  • Obey the laws of Australia only
  • 8. Which of these statements about taxes is incorrect?
  • Many of the benefits that Australians enjoy are made possible through taxes
  • Taxes are not important to the Australian community
  • Taxes are spent on services which include health, education and others
  • 9. What is not the role of a jury?
  • To decide the penalty
  • To decide if a person is guilty or not guilty
  • To listen to the evidence in a court case
  • 10. Which of these is an example that taxes are not spent on?
  • Defence and social security
  • Roads and railways
  • Private house and personal car
  • 11. It is not compulsory to vote in federal and state or territory elections for Australian citizens 18 years or over.
  • True
  • False
  • 12. People who hold positions of power in the Australian community do not have to obey Australia's laws
  • True
  • False
  • 13. What will you have when you are becoming an Australian citizen?
  • The same as you were as a permanent resident
  • You can enjoyed living in a free and democratic society
  • New responsibilities and a range of new benefits
  • 14. Which of these statements about Australian beliefs is correct?
  • We believe in peace, respect, loyalty and equality
  • We believe in peace, respect, domination and equality
  • We believe in peace, respect, freedom and equality
  • 15. Which of these statements about passports is correct?
  • Australian citizens can apply for an Australian passport
  • Permanent residents can hold an Australian passport
  • Australian citizens need a passport and visa to return to Australia
  • 16. Who should be committed to joining together to defend the nation and its way of life should the need arise?
  • All Australian soldiers
  • All people in Australia
  • All Australian citizens
  • 17. Can you ask for help while you are overseas as an Australian citizen?
  • You can ask for help from the Australian official in times of need
  • Only you can help yourself while you are overseas
  • Only your family can help you while you are overseas
  • 18. What are public holidays on Christian days in Australia?
  • Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Assumption Day
  • Good Friday, Assumption Day and Christmas Day
  • Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day
  • 19. Which of these statements about Australia's system of government is correct?
  • The Queen of Australia chooses people to form the Australian Parliament
  • The government is elected by the people
  • The Prime Minister chooses out Members of Parliament
  • 20. Which of these statements about Australian freedoms is incorrect?
  • We are free to meet with people in public or private places for social or political discussion
  • We can criticise the government, peacefully protest against government decisions and campaign to change laws
  • We cannot have political discussion, criticise the government or protest against government decisions

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